A holistic approach to problems that become relevant everyday

We specialize in creating programs and opportunities that give people the tools to seek climate justice by protecting biodiversity.

Conservation and management


Environmental Policies

We follow the strategies established by the Ecuadorian State and to collaborate with the municipalities that have jurisdiction over the area of the Protective Forest  Toachi-Pilatón.

Conflict Resolution

We want to contribute with alternative solutions to issues related to the ownership and possession of land.

Ecosystem Services

We protect the health of flora and fauna species, water sources and forest soil. We create bio-corridors, buffer zones, avoid forest degradation and encourage reforestation with native species. 



Build Skills

Our platform allows individuals and organizations to develop and enhance personal and professional skills related to the understanding of our natural world.


We welcome researchers that want to understand the organisms, systems and processes  present in the Tropical Andes and Chocó-Darien bio-regions.


Information is a valuable asset and exchanging our knowledge encourages curious minds to seek further applicability to their discoveries.

Sustainable Development


Environmental Education

Empowering local people to improve their quality of life will provide a healthy environment where to perform fulfilling livelihoods.

Successful Practices

We model a strong environmental responsibility by promoting successful examples of permaculture practices, clean energy projects, and eco-tourism.

Knowledge Exchange

Collaborating with initiatives related to the wellbeing of communities, we ensure that innovative projects apply a holistic approach that is both useful and relevant in the local context.